What is RadScript?

RadScript is a premium cheap script which is like no other script on the market. We offer a web panel script that can be controlled from any device like your phone, tablet or any device that has access to the internet. This is the closest thing you can possibly get to undetectable because all the client is doing is moving your mouse. Here at RadScript we care about your accounts with thousands of hours and don’t want you getting banned!

Why Choose Our Rust Scripts?

We sell a premium rust script / rust no-recoil macro for a cheap affordable price, we are 100% undetected and are a top competitor for the scripting / macro community we are the tippity top for a cheap price.


Perfect Recoil

Compensates for all weapon recoil in Rust (Besides the random horizontal).


Greatest auto detect on the market for 1920 x 1080 Res can be used with all skins.

Web Based Panel

Can be controlled from devices with internet, very difficult to be detected.

Movement Compensation

Works perfectly whilst moving!

Any Sensitivity

Use any sensitivity you please.

Any ADS Sensitivity

Compatible with any ADS sense.

Unique Builds

Everyone gets a unique version of the script for ultimate security.

Customizable X, Y Humanization

Changes the intensity of the spray from 0 – 100%.

All Optics

Any scope works perfectly with RadScript.

Hipfire Mode

Perfect beam without aiming.

Custom Keybinds

Easily change your weapon with the button of your choice.

100% EAC Undetected

Montage of the cheapest Rust Script, RadScript in use!

RadScript Is Safe!

The start of RadScript

We began with a User interface in command prompt and has since evolved to look modern and new with a flawless login system so your rust scripts stay 100% safe from any hackers.


Our discord server is used for all tickets, detection notices, general chat and giveaways. This is the fastest place to go if you ever require assistance with our average support time of 1 hour.

We currently have 700+ community members supporting us, join to be apart of our community!

Are Rust Scripts Right For Me?

RadScript / Rust-Scripts is made for those who don’t put thousands of hours in to video games but still like competition this enables you to have perfect aim without the need for perfect muscle memory or even if you are just bored of normal rust and instead want to have some fun without trying to hard, our Scripts / no-recoil macro have script hider functionality meaning you don’t even have to tell your friends / clan if you don’t want to. Our scripts work on almost all good gaming computers running windows making it as easy as double clicking, selecting your gun and playing. Our Rust Macro locks to your HWID meaning no one can steal your account however for those running spoofers it can cause issues however we can always work around it.



RadScript License Keys range from $4.50 – $49.99

RadScript – Unlocked $25

RadScript Unlocked is for users who want to:
Share with friends / Play on multiple computers / Running a spoofer.

Rust Accounts

RadScript Reviews

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GOOB - 2021-08-22

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Bloo - 2021-08-22

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SpinXO - 2021-08-18

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Hedge - 29/07/2021

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"“10/10 vouch, legit and fast” "

Cen - 14/08/2021

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TheRealBlackDevil - 18/08/2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us on discord if you have any further questions that aren’t listed!

Will I Get Banned Using RadScript?

We are currently 100% EAC undetected meaning the chance of you getting banned is minimal!

Will I Get Server Banned?

We have humanization features meaning it is difficult for the server to catch on, our no recoil rust script also features a script hider so script checks are easy to pass!

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Delivery is instant, straight to the email you chose at checkout within seconds!

Are the No Recoil Scripts Working With My Mouse?

Yes our Rust Scripts work with all mouse!

How Do I Set It Up?

Everything will be in your emails from the key to the download and step by step instructions to assist you in setting it up!

How Long Do Staff Take To Respond?

Here at RadScript our support team is like no other, our average response time is 1 hour meaning we will be able to assist you ASAP

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Support?

Discord tickets are by far the quickest, however we also respond to Sellix tickets, queries and even PayPal messages!

Does RadScript Support Windows 11?

Yes Windows 11 is supported and works perfectly!

How Do I Control The Script

You can control the script with any device that can connect to the internet and it will immediately update on your pc!

Is This A Scam?

No, here at RadScript we can assure you that we are not getting you in to a big scam, if you still don’t believe it go to our discord to see our real customers along with the amazing community.

What Is RadScript Unlocked?

RadScript Unlocked is for users who already have RadScript but want to share there license with friends / family, using multiple computers or running a spoofer.

Notes: This does not include a license key to RadScript this is just intended to unlock HWID locking.

Only 1 instance of the RadScript client can be running at any given time.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Stripe: Credit Cards. Apple Pay. Google Pay. Afterpay. Clearpay. Alipay. Bancontact. BECS. Boleto. EPS. FPX. Giropay. GrabPay. iDEAL. Klarna. OXXO. P24. SEPA. Sofort. WeChat Pay.

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin. Litecoin. Bitcoin Cash Ethereum

If your method of payment isn’t listed here please join the discord and create a ticket and one of our resellers will be able to assist you!

We Have Over Sold Over 2,000+ Products And Are Continuously Growing Join The Discord For More Info!